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Whether one is a backpacker, or luxury traveler, all good plans to save some money are always good to take!
This can help to extend the circuit to have fun during your  journey or just to tie the best budget.
For me all economies on a trip of eight months will be performed a minimum of 1,000 Euros ...
Note that this page is not in any sponsored event (unfortunately!)

Plane ticket:
Apart from having 300,000 miles on your frequent flyer card, you better buy a ticket round the world via a specialized agency: tickets and tips will be unbeatable and much cheaper than if you go for a world tour purchase through an alliance Air or if you buy your flights to the unit.
I advise you to call in specialists like ZIP WORLD.

If you do not have a frequent flyer card, it is now or never to late to join the loyalty program! Those cards are free and allow you to earn "miles" every time you fly on an airline member an alliance. There are so far three major alliances: One World, Star Alliance and Sky Team.
Just adhere to all of the loyalty programs of a member company Air France for example for Sky Team, British Airways for One World and Lufthansa for Star Alliance and accumulate these famous miles when you buy a ticket to aircraft that is eligible. These loyalty programs are free. However the miles are valid in general for 18 months, however, extended every time you buy a new airline ticket ...
During my tour of the world, I make the link Buenos Aires - Rio de Janeiro by spending 15,000 miles earned on Aerolineas Argentinas previously. I only pay 60 Euros for airport taxes instead of a ticket ... 350 Euros minimum. An economy on the example of 290 Euros! Not bad right?
On a world tour you can easily accumulate about 40,000 miles! FYI a return trip in economy class on Air France Paris / Province - New York is 50,000 miles ...
So when you return from your trip you can practically leave! again for a great weekend or holiday!

Subscribe to a cashback website.
Cashback ("return money"), is the repayment of a portion of your purchases. Next merchants, the revenue can be calculated in two ways: either as a fixed fee or as a percentage fee of the amount before tax, excluding promotions and checkout postage. Visit the website iGraal. This site is reliable and cashback works. I can sponsor you if you wish!

Hotel Reservations
If your budget allows you to sleep in a hostel, B & B or hotel in any category, choose the maximum of bookings on as on other sites generating cash back. is most generous cash back (typically 7%) and offers a loyalty program that allows for a free night every 10 nights booked and honored. (The value of the free night is equal to 10% of the 10 nights booked).

Take an example from 10 to 80 Euros nights booked through and iGraal, an expenditure of 800 Euros, so you save 80 Euros hotel night + 56 Euro cashback (calculated on a 800 Euros value to 7% ) a discount of 17%, or a gain of 136 Euros. Not bad!

However, if you book a hotel of the Accor Group, focus booking via the application I Graal monitoring booking site. By joining the loyalty program Le Club Accorhotels (also free program), you can easily earn points that turn the club into rebate check. This loyalty program is easy to manage (via application or website) and very generous if you stay at least one night a year in a group of hotel and if you stay a minimum of 10 nights.

Although the adventure and the unknown are important in a trip, being plan certain reservations of hotel rooms (mainly in large cities or popular tourist sites), purchasing attraction tickets or tickets airplane, bus or train can lead to great savings especially in developed countries (Europe, USA, Australia, NZ and Japan).
In fact the pricing policy of hotels is based on smart pricing (dynamic price) and identical to a plane, the earlier you book, the lower rate you can get,(most of the time those rates allow cancellable reservations mor odifiable with no charge). If your travel schedule is changing, no problem you can always cancel this reservation.

Also I suggest you book a hotel room on arrival (at least for the first night) saving you unnecessary stress and loss of time in a city or a new country.

Prefer however much as possible open tickets, modifiable or cancellable reservations toll

Vaccines and drugs
Make an appointment for a consultation traveler Infectious Diseases of the University Hospital at the service of your city.
This consultation is not reimbursed by social security, (for me 30 Euros CHU Archet Nice) but thanks to precious doctor's advice, adapted to the destination, length of stay, conditions of stay and the age of the patient, it will check your vaccinations and develop an immunization schedule (if needed).
Moreover only those centers are authorized to practice the vaccine for yellow fever. They also will provide you the international vaccination.
Moreover, even if these vaccines are not reimbursed by social security, the cost paid to the hospital pharmacy is much lower than pharmacies.

In addition the doctor will make you a drug prescription tailored to countries visited and many drugs will be reimbursed by social security and mutual

Credit Cards
A Gold Mastercard or Visa Premier is essential.
Today many on line banks offer Visa or Mastercard Free Cards Premier Gold. Personally I opted for a Visa card to pay with BNPPARIBAS. Indeed thanks to the numerous agreements with partner banks in international countries, I will use ATM for cash without commission in many countries I have planned to visit. The resulting savings more than offset the cost of membership (generally 4-6% commission is charged for each withdrawal from a country outside the euro zone) and also pay in cash, not with credit card (also allowing limit the bank charges).

Besides paying my train tickets or plane with my card, I will have a guaranteed change / cancellation of travel. Similarly, for my car rentals, no need to take damage and theft insurance of the lessor. Just set with my card to be covered.
It can also benefit from high ceilings payment to deal with all my purchases and compensate me post if Sinister provided you have paid for my trip with my card


Organization Final preparations

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