Mon Tour du Monde : un rêve devenu réalité


Passports, visas, international driving license insurance globe trotter ...

Aid kit, vaccines, backpack short .......... the list goes on, and finally requires good organization and planning!

End of January, my request for sabbatical leave has been accepted by my hierachy. After two weeks of reflection on my personal and professional future, the proposed world tour finally appears quite naturally. You only live once! It's now or never to realize this project, which was only a dream which was a pre project in my PC since my return from Thailand ... the end of 2007!

So let's go into the preparations late February:

First step, complete the round the world journey, prioritizing choices of the countries visited, the order, weather and season .... and a pre calendar.

From this initial planning, quote online simulations, via alliances companies and agencies specialized in the purchase of tickets around the world. Finally my choice is Zip World, Paris-based agency that will help me and advise me to complete my course by respecting a logic path in order to limit movement and optimize the budget.

Finalisation of the estimated world tour budget, expenditures expected during my absence because there will be no financial income for 11 months (less than winning the lottery or rob a bank ...)

I give notice to leave the real estate agency.

Mid March: the Zip team finalized the estimate and the order of flights, and I confirm  the purchase!

I take advantage of the weekends of April, the weather is not terrible in Nice (and yes for once!) To make the necessary raw hotel reservations or car for the first stage in California, I have continued to refine the program and the various essential points of the country I am visiting (but shhh! it is top secret, you will discover As the course ...).

Visa applications for the US ... an ESTA application is sufficient and demand is online. ESTA is valid for two years and having spent some time in the USA there are less of 24 months, I have only to do an update of my arrival address.

My path

It also begins to address all administrative procedures, ticket termination Box, insurance, EDF ... and organization of the move and the sale of part of my furniture ... being tenant is ultimately more reasonable to sell a maximum of well over Nice and avoid costs of removal and custodial unnecessary furniture, the costs would be higher in twelve months the value of my belongings!

You get into the preparation of a blog, layout and content first ...

Buying a health insurance and international foresight, I chose with the World Zip advice, the Globe Partner insurance at a cost of 39 Euros per month and a backpack of 60 liters, to be my best friends during the coming months.

Last weekend of April tax return online ...

In early May, that's it the countdown is on! I took sabbatical leave is effective and we are Day- 45.

Meet at the hospital Nice bow on May 6 for a consulting business serving infections, and finalization of the list of pharmacy to predict. Indeed, being a "luxury backpacker" and not really an Indiana Jones! better make sure to have my vaccines rêgle and pharmacy adapted emergency first ...


To be continued ...



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