Mon Tour du Monde : un rêve devenu réalité

Welcome to my site, "My world tour, from dream to reality" ... ..

This site does not claim to be a site for tips of preparations for round the world tours or for travelers, many sites already exist and they are excellent. Some have also helped me greatly in preparing this trip you will discover the links page.

The purpose of this site is actually a travel journal. I will try during these eight months of this trip to share as much as possible by photographs, publications, sharing moments and encounters, emotion and discovery, so you can live this world tour with me and to share with you ... sometimes more than 15,000 kilometers away ...

I hope your visits will be frequent and regular, and that you will enjoy visiting this blog and invites you to contact your relatives, friends, colleagues the website link, and do not hesitate to post your comments and questions the forum.

Then ready for the trip? I take you in my backpack and see you very quickly!

Imminent takeoff of US Airways Flight 755 to Los Angeles.

Good flight and bon voyage.



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